Virtual Dinner Parties

Are you ready for this?

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Chose your recipe and cooking class according to your preference. You get to participate with your friends or meet new people.

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Start cooking according to the selected recipe or participate in a professional online cooking class with a chef from your local favorite restaurant.

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It is party time. Celebrate your meal and new culinary skills with your friends from home. Share the food and joy with your circle.

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So you think you can cook? Your work team ask for your brownies. Your friends ask you to host dinner. Now is the time to put your skills to the test with your friends and with real Chefs - live.

We’re bringing you all into the kitchen... via your kitchen - to learn the art of cooking. After the session you can dine with chef and the other sous-chefs of the session.

I want to become a master of the kitchen


You are the master of the kitchen, you understand the soul of food, the spirit of the session.

Here, people want to learn with you from their homes. But this time you can sit with your students and share the dining experience. Because Chef likes a party too.

I want to become a master of the kitchen
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nourish your mind, bowl and soul

Share with the world what brings you joy in the kitchen and around the table.

Don’t know how to start? Begin where you are now - with your curiosity to craft your cooking skills. Maybe you want to try something different? Maybe you want to develop your home cooking skills into something more? Or maybe you were inspired to recreate your dishes around seasonal or local ingredients to share with the world? Whatever it is, sharing your craft online can make a difference.

Image Leaf to Root
Leaf to Root
Mediterranean Salmon with rice and beans
Image Urban Agriculture
Urban Agriculture
Nutritional Pizza with fresh tomatoes
Image Local Farming
Local Farming
Vegetarian Salad with spinach base

Cook together. Learn together. All-round togetherness.